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Welcome to Year 5


We have been busy reinventing our English curriculum to tie in with our topic theme, which is currently, ‘Alchemy Island’. We are studying the book, ‘A Wizard of Earthsea’, a fantasy tale of wizards, dragons and a terrifying shadow-creature. We have explored some of the descriptive language choices and have gone on to write our own descriptive settings. We have also looked at the features of journalistic writing and have rewritten some of the exciting events from the story as newspaper articles.


After half-term, we will start reading, ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce. This is a humorous adventure story with scope for us to look at characters and settings, persuasive writing, debate and written arguments.


We will continue to work hard to learn key spellings and practise cursive handwriting so that we begin to feel like proud writers. We encourage parents to consolidate this learning at home and links to key words and spelling strategies can be found below.


This term, we have begun by consolidating our long multiplication and short division methods which we practised in the autumn term. We are currently working on data analysis at the moment, thinking about how we can create and analyse graphs and charts which visualise what the numbers are saying. In February, we are embarking on an in depth study of fractions. This is often a tricky concept and we are aiming to look into some concrete examples of parts of shapes or proportions of circles. After that, we ill be equipping the children to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

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Most recently we have delved in to multiplication and division. We began investigations into square and cube numbers, factors and multiples, using our unifix blocks as a resource to make mathematical concepts come alive in our hands. We then moved on to using the long multiplication column method to solve two- three- and four-digit calculations. We are now rounding off this unit by using the short 'bus-stop' method to divide three- and four-digit numbers by a single digit.

Unifix are great for all types of mathematical concepts!

Unifix are great for all types of mathematical concepts! 1
To help consolidate their knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division, it is essential that our children know their times tables up to 12 x 12, and can recall them fluently with speed and accuracy. Any practise that you can do at home to reinforce this skill would support their learning immensely.
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We have started the Spring Term off by looking at fractions. We have been using Shanghai Maths so that the children can get a visual understanding of fractions. Children have been learning to simplify, subtract, add and multiply fractions. The children have recognised that they are also practicing and applying their times tables skills, subtraction, addition, multiplication and division skills. We will also be incorporating 'real world' word problems into the mix, these will be based on fractions. Any practice with times tables and division at home will be welcomed. A good activity to use is 'Hit The Button.' 


Our project this half term is Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. So far we have been making buboes from  jam and custard doughnuts, sketching herbs and looking at their medicinal properties, discussing why the Black Death spread so quickly and looking at the Feudal System. The children have also had the opportunity to research the Kings of the 14th century and look at the causes of the Peasant's Revolt in 1381. We have also been very lucky to have Ruth Levitt, a microbiologist from Aylesbury Grammar School, coming in to talk to the children about mirco-organisms. The children were able to take swabs from around the classroom and use agar jelly to grow the bacteria, with very surprising results. Well done to the children who have produced such lovely homeworks. We have seen Powerpoints to giant rats!
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Our work this term is all about how to keep healthy. We will be looking at what constitutes a healthy diet; the consequences of alcohol, tobacco and drug use; and how to look after our mental health.


This half term, we are learning about the springtime festival of Holi. We have produced colour wheels and have started to learn why some colours are significant to Hindus. We will try Hindu dancing and will have opportunities to discuss our own thoughts and beliefs.


This half term, we are studying the work of JMW Turner, particularly on his use of light. We will be using various painting techniques to try to recreate some of his works.




In music our children will explore different compositions that have been inspired by space, the sun and our solar system. There will be plenty of creative opportunities for children to learn and perform a solar system rap, while learning about structure, rhythm, dynamics, texture and timbre.

Some Growth Mindset concepts.

Some Growth Mindset concepts. 1
Some Growth Mindset concepts. 2


Spring term has seen the exciting introduction of Fencing to our PE lessons. Mr Hearne has been delighted with how seriously and carefully the children conducted themselves in the first lesson, and how enthusiastically they responded to the coaches.


We do PE on Mondays, Wednesdays, and we either swim or have PE on Friday too. Please ensure children have a clean PE kit in on Monday each week, this should stay in school all week and then may return home with them on Friday. Our PE uniform includes a house colour t-shirt, white PE shorts, trainers and a change of socks for outdoor PE. In winter months, dark coloured joggers and a warm sweatshirt are also required. 


For safety reasons long hair should be tied back and earrings should not be worn.