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Broughton Junior School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The year 3 team this year is:

Asteroid class: Mr Claridge

Comet class: Miss Stone 

Support staff: Mrs Curtis and Miss Akram 

Links to useful learning resources:

English (Autumn Term): 


In the Autumn Term, we will focus on developing the children's descriptive language and encouraging a love of reading through the study of Author's such as; Anthony Browne and Chris Van Allsberg. We have in depth discussions about language selection as well as discussing relationships within the texts and how events within the stories cause change in emotion.


We will also be studying non fiction texts such as non chronological reports on volcanoes to support our topic Tremors.  


We will also be working hard to learn key spellings and practise cursive handwriting so that we begin to feel like proud writers. We encourage parents to consolidate this learning at home and links to key words and spelling strategies can be found above. Phonics Play is also a great resource with many games and strategies for spelling that you can sign up to for free. You can also log on to Letterjoin ( to support your children with the cursive letter formation. 

Maths (Autumn Term)

During the Autumn term in Maths we like to ensure that the children have a secure grasp of place value and number knowledge. The first topic we cover is numbers to 1000, where the children are able to consolidate skills learnt from Key Stage one. 


After this, the majority of the Autumn term is spent on the four main operations + - x ÷. Children spend a long term consolidating the column method for subtraction and addition, with and without renaming.


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For the first half of Spring term, we have been learning about our Topic Mighty Metals where we have had a trip to the park to investigate forces and see the different forces needed to be applied to different park equipment. We will also be going on a trip to Greatmoor Energy Centre to see how our household waste gets turned into energy and we will be learning how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We thought this would fit in perfectly with our topic of Mighty Metals. 

Topic (Autumn Term):


For the first half of the Autumn term, our topic is Scrummdiddlyumptious. We visited Wenzel's factory where we made bread and decorated, gingerbread men and cup cakes. 

We investigate different food groups and look at what makes a healthy diet. Children also look at the digestive system and the different functions of the organs. To finish our topic year three will be holding a food market for parents.  



Year 3 visit to Wenzel Factory

To engage the children in this terms topic, Scrummdiddlyumptious, year 3 visited the Wenzel’s factory. Full of excitement, the children prepared to be bakers for the morning ensuring they had apron and hair nets on to keep up with health and safety regulations. With the help from Colin, an experienced baker, the children worked together to make the dough which they then went on to create their own shaped loaf. While waiting for the Loaf to bake, the children continued to be creative decorating gingerbread men and cupcakes with butter cream, smarties and hundreds of thousands. Once ready, the children returned with their warm fresh bread and highly colourful gingerbread men and cupcakes. It should be said that the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did staff and it has sparked a real interest within the year group.