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Broughton Junior School

Year 3

Welcome To Year 3

The Year 3 team this year is:

Asteroid: Mrs Batts/Mr Jenkins

Comet: Mrs Holborow

Support Staff: Mrs Curtis & Miss Taffe

Important Information


  • Year 3 arrive by the normal pedestrian gate and will enter the school at the far side of the playground by the basketball hoops.
  • Please arrive punctually at 8.30
  • Children should be supervised until they enter the school building
  • Children should be collected at 3.00pm at the same side gate



Please send children in with the following:

  • A coat – this can be a warm coat or rain jacket
  • Healthy packed lunch, water bottle and healthy snack – 1 sweet treat is enough with lunch. We prefer children to fill their water bottles before lunch and we ask that sugary drinks are avoided. Fizzy drinks should not be brought in at all.
  • Reading record (filled in each day) and reading book
  • Children should wear PE kit on PE days – please see separate section
  • Specialist equipment requested by an adult for that day e.g. musical instrument

Please don’t send children to school with the following:

  • Pencil cases or any other stationary – school will provide this
  • Anything other than water in a child’s water bottle. This includes squash.
  • Unnecessary items e.g. fluffy keyrings, toys or balls
  • Overly large bags – we have small lockers and some bags will not fit into them


PE Kit

  • Children should wear their full PE kits for the full day on PE days.
  • Children can wear shorts, T shirts and trainers or plimsols.
  • As weather cools down, they can wear tracksuits, jogging bottoms, leggings and sports jumpers.
  • If children are partaking in outdoor PE, they can bring another pair of socks and shoes as their feet may become wet or muddy.
  • We remind parents that we enjoy outdoor learning in all weathers and children should be prepared for this.


Addition & subtraction

  •  Add and subtract numbers mentally, including:
  • - a 3-digit number and 1s
  • - a 3-digit number and 10s 
  • - a 3-digit number and 100s 
  • Add and subtract numbers with up to 3-digits, using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction. 
  • Estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operation to check answers. 
  • Solve problems, including missing number problems. 

Multiplication and division

  • Look at equal groups
  • Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 3, 5, and 10 multiplication tables

Useful Maths Vocabulary


We will start the term looking at the text Tin Forest - linked to our topic work. We will explore characters, settings and hidden meanings within the book before writing a persuasive letter. Following the Tin Forest, we will read the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and write a newspaper article based on the main character.


The grammatical focus we will be revising and learning:

  • capital letters and full stops used correctly and consistently;
  • powerful adjectives and verbs used appropriately;
  • prepositions;
  • commas for description;
  • rhetorical questions
  • Similes 
  • Noun phrases 
  • Relative clauses 

Useful Vocabulary

Topic - Mighty Metals

Linked to our English work, we will begin the topic by exploring different forces including push, pull, gravity and friction. We will identify the force needed for different playground apparatus to work. From this, we will plan and design our own dream playground and write a letter convincing the council to build it in the local area. We will get creative using different materials to make carts and wind chimes. To end the topic, we will design and make the perfect friend for the Iron Man. 


Art & Design

This term we will be using lots of materials to design and make carts and windchimes. 



PE Days

Please ensure children wear their PE kits on PE days, as stated below.They should have suitable clothes for both indoor and outdoor PE lessons. 

Asteroid: Wednesday & Thursday

Comet: Monday & Wednesday



Children will be expected to complete the following pieces of homework weekly:

  • Reading 5 times a week - and signed by an adult. 
  • Spelling - to be assigned by the teacher once base line assessments are completed. 
  • Times Tables - on TTRS - times tables are set by the class teacher and the children are expected to do at least 3 minutes a day. 


The pupil awarded Star of the Week is given the honour of taking the class sketch book home to complete a drawing/painting/collage of their choice. For the time being, the Star of the Week will be given some sketch paper to take home and this can then be added into the class sketch book. 

Links to useful learning resources:
Year 3 experiences:

Villain Day

Year 3 had great fun on Friday 11th September dressing up as villains for our English and Topic work. We were very impressed with the effort that went into the costumes and face paints!