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Broughton Junior School

Year 4

Welcome back Year 4!

The Year 4 team this year is: 

Starlight: Mr Coates and Mrs Fetta

Galaxy: Miss Cockle

Support Staff: Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Ratcliffe

Please note the following important days in Year 4:

Please note the following important days in Year 4: 1

Maths - Autumn Term

We will start the year looking at place value, the number system, reading and writing larger numbers (up to ten thousands). We will then move to look at adding, subtracting, multiplication and finally division.


Times Tables Check

All year 4 children will take part in the national Multiplication Tables Check after Christmas. We will issue a written tables book in which 1 page should be completed weekly. Times Tables Rockstars is still running and we encourage as much practise as possible.





We will be looking at the text 'The Tower to the Sun'. We will develop our descriptive writing, technical accuracy, letter  writing skills and reviews.


Spellings will be issued after a recap of sounds and letter combinations that children need support with. They will change weekly and we will be using The Spelling Shed.


We encourage reading to take palce at least 5 times a week. Whilst this sounds like a lot, children are reading all of the time. We ask for your support in logging it in their reading records which they should bring to school daily.


We follow the Letterjoin handwriting program. It develops a cursive handwriting style.

Topic - The Blue Abyss

We are looking at the world's oceans and the different habitats and creatures that live in them. 

Year 4 Aquarium Visit

Year 4 children had an exciting start to the new school year with a visit to London Sealife Centre. We had a fantastic time and it really got us hooked by our new topic ‘The Blue Abyss’. A few of the highlights of this visit were walking over shark infested waters, seeing the beautiful rays glide over us in the underwater tunnel (Mrs Allum’s favourite part of the day), touching a starfish and being mesmerised by the peaceful jellyfish. As always, the children were a real credit to the school and they should be very proud of how the represented Broughton.

Children’s comments:

“It was a dream come true because I love animals.” – Harry

“I liked touching the starfish to see what it actually felt like.” Dean

“It was amazing seeing the seahorses curl their tails.” – Emily

“I really enjoyed it when a gigantic green sea turtle swam right past us.” – Danish

“I liked the whole day because I like sea creatures.” - Archie


Aquarium 1
Aquarium 2
Aquarium 3
Aquarium 4
Aquarium 5
Aquarium 6
Aquarium 7
Aquarium 8