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Year 4

During this period of school closure, class e-mails have been created for questions regarding home learning:

Welcome back Year 4!

The Year 4 team this year is: 

Starlight: Mr Coates and Mrs Fetta

Galaxy: Mrs Batts

Support Staff: Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Ratcliffe

Ukulele: Mrs Sumner

Please note the following important days in Year 4:

Please note the following important days in Year 4: 1

Maths - Spring Term

We will be having a detailed look at fractions. They will be identified, compared and investigated in a range of different ways. We will be looking at the importance of the numerator and the denominator when adding and subtracting fractions, leading to increasingly complex problem solving.

After the half term break we will use our knowledge of fractions to assist us in looking at decimals. We will create decimal numbers by dividing by 10 and then look at formally identifying digits in place value positions lower than ones. Our written methods will be recapped when adding and subtracting fractions, including the use of money.

We will end the term by calculating areas.


Times Tables Check

All year 4 children will take part in the national Multiplication Tables Check after Christmas. We will issue a written tables book in which 1 page should be completed weekly. Times Tables Rockstars is still running and we encourage as much practise as possible.





Our writing this half term is linked to our specially chosen text - 'The Astounding Broccoli Boy' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

This story details a boy named Rory who thinks he is prepared for all eventualities... until he suddenly turns green!

Could it be that Rory is now a superhero and where will his adventures take him?

Whatever the adventure, we hope to use them to write an inspired newspaper report and press release.


Spellings will be issued after a recap of sounds and letter combinations that children need support with. They will change weekly and we will be using The Spelling Shed.


We encourage reading to take place at least 5 times a week. Whilst this sounds like a lot, children are reading all of the time. We ask for your support in logging it in their reading records which they should bring to school daily.


We follow the Letterjoin handwriting program. It develops a cursive handwriting style.

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Topic - Bottoms, Burps and Bile!

Our new topic sees us looking at human biology. We will focus on the digestive system, the roles of various internal organs and other body parts. A healthy lifestyle is very important and we will be identifying how to achieve this and what problems can occur without one.

Different foods will also be investigated and children will be able to classify items into various different food groups, detailing why our bodies need them.

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Hands - On Science (March)

Hands - On Science (March) 1
Hands - On Science (March) 2
Hands - On Science (March) 3
Hands - On Science (March) 4
Hands - On Science (March) 5
Hands - On Science (March) 6