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Welcome to Broughton Junior School!


The learning times of primary school children should be filled with fun, happiness and excitement. We work hard to build upon the achievements of our feeder schools, especially ‘our friends’ at Broughton Infants School. We aim to provide a learning environment in which each individual child knows that they are special, and learns always to attempt their best as they aim to achieve all the targets that we have for them.


The formal curriculum is only a part of what each child should experience at the School. They must also learn life skills, about behaviour and keeping safe, about friendships, playing as a team, coping with successes – and defeats, and the ability to enjoy all the opportunities that we are presented to them.


Being at School makes every child a member of a very important team! When we achieve success, we do it together, and enjoy the feeling of achievement; when we lose out, then we encourage each other to make another better attempt! Every team member is also important in representing us to a much wider audience.


The School has an important part to play within our community, beyond the direct “family” of those who attend Broughton this year. The recognition we receive, including the affirmation that we are seen to be ‘good’ in all aspects of the School’s work, means that we will continue to work hard to make the community proud of us whilst we look for further ways that we can continue to make positive contributions in our neighbourhood.


Pupils, parents, staff, Governors, and PTA all have significant and distinctive roles to play in continuing to help the School achieve its long-term goals.


The information about the School contained on this website serves only as an introduction; I am sure that you will quickly become familiar with the details as your child joins the School and you continue to work with us.

If your child joins us at the start of year 3, then you will soon be invited to come and see them at work during an afternoon at the beginning of the year.


Yours sincerely

P J Stephens