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Lockdown Links - useful websites with lots of activities to do at home

Please e-mail your class teacher any examples of good home learning that you have been doing during your time away from school.

This does not need to specifically be the work set on our home learning pages -  we've had some lovely singing, art, pictures of baking, practising musical instruments, story writing and dance so far! 

Keep it up Broughton - you may well receive one of our well done postcards for your efforts!

Class e-mail addresses can be found in our year groups areas below:

Key Worker Provision

As you will understand, we have a wide range of children attending our key worker group at the minute.

We have also had the addition of Year 6 Groups to the school also.

With this in mind, staff will look at registers for the day and plan the sessions appropriately based on the times of attendance and the ages of the groups of children arriving.

The sessions that Key Worker children will attend have now moved to the Year 5 classrooms and will include maths, writing, reading, computing and PE. Additional sessions including projects of interest e.g. VE Day will also take place.


We remind parents who are eligible, and register their child for these sought after spots, that you should do the upmost to admit your child on that day. Unfortunately, we are in a position that we are at capacity, and children may lose their spaces in this group with lack of attendance.

If you know that you can look after your child, plan to look after your child, or your child is ill, it is essential that the office know in good notice.


Thank You