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Parents' Evening

Online/Virtual Parents Evenings:


Monday 9th November or Wednesday 11th November



In order to maintain high levels of safety at school, our first parents’ evening of the year will be held online. This will be conducted as a video call (similar to Zoom/Microsoft Teams), using School Cloud’s parents evening software. This virtual meeting will mirror the professional standards of our normal ‘in person’ parents’ evenings: it is a formal conversation about your child/ren’s progress and attitudes to learning.


From 9am on Monday 19th October, you can log on to the School Cloud system using the following link:


You will need to have the following information to log into your individual account:

  • Student’s first name and surname
  • Parent’s first name and surname
  • Parent’s e-mail address (this must be the e-mail address the school holds as a contact detail)
  • Student’s date of birth.

Once you have logged in, you can then select which of the two dates is most suitable for you and then follow the online instructions to complete the booking time. You will be sent an email to confirm the appointment which can be printed if you need. For further support with making a booking and logging on to the system please refer to the guide available at:


We understand that an important part of parents’ evening is the opportunity it provides for you to see your children’s work and we do not want you to miss out this term. On Friday 6th November, you will receive a sample of your child/ren’s work, together with a form that has been completed by your child, reflecting on their own learning and progress. We hope that you can find time to sit and share these with your child before the meeting.


On the date of the parents’ evening itself, you will need to log into your individual account, using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email in order to start your appointment. It is advised that you login in good time for your appointment because each appointment is set to last for 10 minutes and the system will automatically end the call after 10 minutes. Once the meeting has ended, the teacher will write up any important notes/actions as discussed and a copy of this, together with your child/ren’s attainment, will be sent home to you on Friday 13th November.


To successfully access the virtual parents’ meeting, you will need to have:

  • A device with a microphone and speaker (mobile phone, tablet or computer)
  • A compatible web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge)