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Welcome to Outdoor Learning where we have been taking our learning outside and enjoying the outdoor area that we are lucky to be able to have and use.  


As a school we have enjoyed watching the chicks grow from eggs to hens and what beautiful hens they have become. The children have learnt a lot about the life of a hen and they have enjoyed the antics that the hens get up to. The chickens get regular visits from the children and some outdoor learning lessons have been based around the hen run. 

Look how much our chicks have grown!

The outdoor area has recently undergone a few changes. In the Summer term we held a gardening breakfast where we were very grateful for the volunteers of family and friends to help with the gardening. You can see quite a difference in the before and after photos. Thank you to all of those who attended, you all did an amazing job. Watch this space for another gardening breakfast in the near future. 

Gardening Breakfast, start to finish.

We recently rescued two hens with the help of Fresh Start For Hens who rescue thousands of hens from farms which no longer need them. The photos below show the hens in their original home (see if you can spot our two ladies) and then their final stop with their friends before we collected them and brought them to Broughton Junior School. Unfortunately one of the hens, temporarily named Plucky, is in isolation until her feathers have grown back. It was lovely to be able to help out these two hens and our original hens look in extremely good condition compared to the rescued hens, hopefully the two newbies will quickly be back to good health. 

Our two rescue hens.