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Mix 96 - Christmas Story Competition
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This week, our Christmas story winners (Honey and Lucas) took some friends for a trip to the Mix 96 studios and spent the morning bringing their stories to life. The children got to meet Ben and Nia to record their work, ready to go on air Monday 16th December. They did a fantastic job and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Make sure you tune in to listen!

Bible exhibition

What a lot of fun we had on Wednesday when Jeremy Hudson and friends from Foundation Matters came in to tell us about the life of Jesus. They dressed up and became some of the characters that were influential throughout Jesus’s life and told the story from their point of view. The children had an opportunity to dress up in clothes typical of that time period. They then sampled some of the types of food that would have been eaten at that time. Dates, sultanas, honey and pitta bread to name just a few. The children were a credit to our school and Jeremy commented on their excellent behaviour.


‘I really enjoyed tasting the food because it was delicious’ Georgia year 4
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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day - Truth


On Thursday 26th September we celebrated Poetry Day (a week early but it’s good to be organised) with our very own Author in Residence and National Poetry Day Ambassador – James Carter. The children were off timetable for the whole day and had the opportunity to work with a child from another year group to write and perform a poem.


As always, James brought high levels of passion and energy to his workshops to engage and inspire the children. He shared some of his own poems and then supported the mixed year groups to develop their own - Year 3 and 4 focussed on real life poems, while Y5 and Y6 explored metaphors. Children explored the use of language and the effect this can have on the reader and they enjoyed playing with language and working together to create some very effective work.


The day was brought to a close by James, who led an assembly where children were selected to share their poems. The quality of the children’s work was incredible and James was blown away by what they were able to achieve in just a few hours. The children were then invited to enter a poetry competition to win a signed copy of James Carter’s book – The World’s Greatest Space Cadet.


We were inundated with entries and after some difficult deliberation, winners and runners up were announced in our Good Learning assembly. You can read the two winning poems below and I think you will agree that it was well deserved.          



Inaaya Nasir (Y6) and Sam Tompkins (Y5)

Lilly Herbert (Y4) Isla Beukes (Y3) and Jack Edwards (Y3)


Runners Up:

Freddie Lawford (Y6) and Ethan Koentopp (Y5)

Lucas Baker (Y4) and Dylan Burridge (Y3)

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Origami - Japan

Origami - Japan 1
Origami - Japan 2

African Drumming

African Drumming 1
African Drumming 2

Aboriginal Art - Australia

Aboriginal Art - Australia 1
Aboriginal Art - Australia 2

Zulu War Shields

Zulu War Shields 1
Zulu War Shields 2

Native American Totem Poles

Native American Totem Poles 1
Native American Totem Poles 2

Yoga and Well-being

Yoga and Well-being 1
Yoga and Well-being 2

Boca Houses - Argentina

Boca Houses - Argentina 1
Boca Houses - Argentina 2

Upcoming Diary Dates

World Book Day 2019

Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019...

Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019... 1
Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019... 2
Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019... 3
Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019... 4
Here are a few of our costumes from World Book Day 2019... 5