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Home Learning

We regularly review the importance and effectiveness of home-learning (homework) to best suit the needs of our families and their children. This policy is based on robust research which demonstrates that home-learning has the most significant impact when:


  • tasks are specific and focused on the learning taking place in school
  • independent projects or activities prepare for future learning
  • home-learning is monitored by teachers.


In addition to this, research shows that home-learning can have the following non-academic benefits for children:

  • Learning the importance of responsibility for learning
  • Managing their time effectively
  • Developing study habits
  • Developing perseverance – staying with a task until it is complete


Our policy reflects this research and enables the children to focus on fewer elements at a deeper level. Areas of home-learning include:

  1. Reading
  2. Spelling
  3. Times Tables
  4. Out of School Learning Projects
  5. Sketchbook