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We are working very hard to update our website with weekly banks of tasks for the children to be working through. Most of the tasks will be age appropriate and we hope to offer a challenge to those who need it.

If a task that has been set is too difficult to work through with your child, please do not let it get in the way of important family time. Children have a range of online learning that is suited directly for them to continue working through but we insist that there is no stipulation for all tasks to be completed by any one child.

Thank you and good health,

Year 4

Easter Break

As stated in a recent letter that you should have received, we will not be setting any additional home learning throughout the Easter Break. This should be important family time and a break for all.

Some of the school learning links will remain for optional use (such as TT Rockstars, Reading Eggs, Arithmetic practise papers etc) and we encourage children to catch up on some practise using these.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.

Year 4 Team



There are lots of great ways to for children to learn at home via these websites

English - Monday 30th March - Friday 4th April

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1

The Astounding Broccoli Boy

I will be recording myself reading the remaining chapters and uploading them here so remember to keep checking for the next instalment! 

Maths - Monday 30th - Friday 3rd April


Let's continue looking at shapes. We would like you to investigate quadrilaterals.

  • How many sides does a quadrilateral have?
  • How many different quadrilaterals are there?
  • Which quadrilaterals have a line of symmetry?
  • Can you calculate the areas of some quadrilaterals?

How to be successful:

  • There will be some quadrilateral task sheets/work pages/ideas uploaded throughout the week. They will ask questions about the names of the quadrilaterals, areas of rectangles, interior angles, lines of symmetry and problems involving quadrilaterals.
  • You will need to be ready to think about the properties of different quadrilaterals to answer  the questions.
  • Design and draw a quadrilateral poster about a quadrilateral of your choice. Make it accurate by using a ruler and protractor if you can. Make sure to label it too!
  • You could write a non-fiction information text on each quadrilateral... maybe even pretend it is an animals like on Planet Earth... can you sound like Attenborough?
  • Go on a quadrilateral hunt in your home and garden... can you find any? Why not photograph them? Or even make your own out of pens, cutlery, straws etc.


Please don't forget to try a weekly arithmetic practise sheet. They are at the top of this page. If it's tricky, check Year 3's version... or higher year groups for more of a challenge!

Quadrilaterals - area (challenge 1) Mild

Quadrilaterals - area (challenge 1) Mild 1


a) 18 squared     b) 9 squared      c) 28 squared     d) 18 squared      e) 60 squared

Here is a trickier challenge - finding the area of rectangles using formula... don't forget your basic written methods to help you solve!

Here is a trickier challenge - finding the area of rectangles using formula... don't forget your basic written methods to help you solve! 1


a) 60 cm squared     b) 168 cm squared     c) 18 cm squared     d) 60 cm squared     e) 81 cm squared

Triangles challenge from last week

Triangles challenge from last week 1


A, B and E are all triangles. They have straight sides that link to leave no gaps. Their interior angles add up to 180 degrees.


C is an incomplete shape - this is not classed as a polygon so cannot by a triangle.

D has a curved side. Triangles have three straight sides. If a shape has a curved side, it is not a polygon.

F has 4 sides. Triangles have 3 sides only. This was a quadrilateral.


Investigate how music has changed over the ages. You could go as far back as some of the great composers, such as Mozart and Beethoven!

You could create:

A music timeline,

A learning poster,

Or even record yourself playing music or singing (your videos can be emailed to your teacher and Mrs Fetta will put the best ones on our website!) 

Be as creative as you can and have fun!

Religious Education

NATRE (National association of teachers of religious education) are holding a spirited arts competition. This is an exciting RE project that you can do at home! All the information that you will need is on the attached document. Please send you art works directly to NATRE (address in the attachment). Have fun, be creative and good Luck!

Please view our curriculum pages for more ideas for home learning: