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A little message from the Year 6 team...

We just wanted to say that we hope everyone is staying safe and beginning to settle into the new normality. Although we encourage English and Maths tasks daily, we also want to emphasise the importance of using this time to develop life and social skills such as baking, gardening and helping with chores around the house. Lastly, we hope to see you back in school soon and look forward to hearing about what you have learnt. Remember, if you need any support with learning or would like to send us any videos of the learning that is taking place, use the emails provided on the year group page.


Also, a quick reminder. Don't forget to check out the Science and English curriculum pages on the school website for two competitions that are running this April; Ridiculous Writers creative writing competition and Poetry of Science 2020, combining your English skills with your Science knowledge. Best of luck!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

No acts of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”- Aesop’s Fables


Maths: New topic on Ratio and Proportion



Can you write a “For every…” sentence for…

the number of boys and girls in your class?

Family members? Pets?




Create an Alternative ending for the story.

What if Shmuel climbs under the fence to be on Bruno’s side? What would happen next?

What if dad makes it to the chambers…just in time?

What if it rained so much that Bruno didn’t get to see Shmuel that day?

What if Bruno was recognised inside the camp by one of his father's guards, Lieutenant Kotler or Pavel? 


Begin to draft/plan your ideas of how you wish to end the story. Think about how the characters thoughts and feelings may change, the new dialogue between characters, description of the settings and how the new events unfold.


Ridiculous Writers creative writing competition!


Ridiculous Writers creative writing competition is a competition for you to show off your imagination and creative writing skills. To find all the information you need to enter, go onto the 'English' page in the curriculum section on the school website. Have fun and good luck


Continue from Chapter 18 to the end.



During war times, the messages posters communicated included save food, grow your own, keep children safe, if you're not fighting what can you do to help? 


Although we're not at war, there are similar themes conveyed in what the government have asked us to do- "Stay at home, support the NHS, save lives!"




Design and make a modern-day propaganda poster to show what we're doing now to protect ourselves and those on the front line battling against the Coronavirus. 



There are lots of great ways children can learn at home via these websites