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A little message from the year 3 team...

We just wanted to say that we hope everyone is staying safe and beginning to settle into the new normality. Although we encourage English and Maths tasks daily we also want to emphasise the importance of using this time to develop life and social skills such as baking, gardening and helping with chores around the house. Lastly, we hope to see you back in school soon and look forward to hearing about what you have learnt. 



There are a lot of great ways children can learn at home by following these links



 This week the children will be problem solving using addition and subtraction. Monday is a worksheet to "warm up" for the investigations on the following days. 

Children's work - maths

Children's work - maths 1 Likhitha's work
Children's work - maths 2 Amelia's work
Children's work - maths 3 Maxwell's work
Children's work - maths 4 Maxwell's work
Children's work - maths 5 Abigail's clock


Each week there will be a writing project for the children to complete. The stimulus of this activity will be a video/picture as inspiration for their writing (please see word document). The writing projects will be of different genres each week. Children can continue practicing their spelling words on spelling shed as usual and their handwriting using letterjoin. There are also grammar and punctuation activities attached for extra learning (children could complete 1 per week). Children should continue reading 5 x week - reading comprehensions will be uploaded to the website. 

Children's work - English

Children's work - English 1
Children's work - English 2 Kershon's newspaper report
Children's work - English 3 Isaac's newspaper report
Children's work - English 4 Amelia's newspaper report
Children's work - English 5 Charlie's Covid 19 comic strip
Children's work - English 6 Stella's diary
Children's work - English 7 Grace working on her time capsule
Children's work - English 8 Sarah's pirate
Children's work - English 9 Millie's pirate
Children's work - English 10 Maxwell's pirate narrative
Children's work - English 11 Grace's Pirate narrative
Children's work - English 12 Likhitha's English
Children's work - English 13 Tiya's letter to Mr Reed
Children's work - English 14 Maxwell's France factfile
Children's work - English 15 Grace's country snapshot
Children's work - English 16 Maxwell's brilliant poem
Children's work - English 17 Millie's excellent poem using alliteration!
Children's work - English 18 Maxwell's solar system
Children's work - English 19 Maxwell's solar system fact file
Children's work - English 20 Sarah's drawing of Big Foot
Children's work - English 21 Tiya's wonderful poem
Children's work - English 22 Evie's solar system
Children's work - English 23 Abigail's bird house

Please complete these SPAG activities

Topic home learning. Please find ideas for home learning for our next topic "flow".

Topic homework

Topic homework 1 Sarah's water wheel drawing
Topic homework 2 Torren's water cycle poster

Home learning photos

Home learning photos  1 Maxwell busy building LEGO
Home learning photos  2 Sarah learnt to make sausage rolls
Home learning photos  3 George looked after caterpillars
Home learning photos  4 George built a raft
Home learning photos  5 Sarah and Jake planting flowers
Home learning photos  6 Isla made a Birdhouse!
Home learning photos  7 Zafi has been drawing
Home learning photos  8 Evie's time capsule box
Home learning photos  9 Jasmine preparing to be creative
Home learning photos  10 Sam found a waterfall on his daily walk.
Home learning photos  11 Maxwell went on a walk with his sister.
Home learning photos  12 Michael exploring a stream with his sister.
Home learning photos  13 Michael found a fresh water muscle!
Home learning photos  14 Sam made his own waterfall!
Home learning photos  15 George playing jenga
Home learning photos  16 Seweryn working hard!
Please find links to specific curriculum pages which have a range of activities.