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Broughton Junior School


“English in the classroom should have that extra bite – to surprise, challenge, delight and create wonder; it should jolt the senses, making us feel alive. Teachers are the guardians of this beautifully used language. Through reading, performing, writing and speaking with clarity and power, through introducing children to literature, we are passing on the truth and power of words.”

(Pie Corbett – 2006)

Our Aim: 


At Broughton Junior School, we strive for excellence in English achievement within a cross-curricular programme of reading, writing and speaking & listening. Across all classes, children are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and application of spoken and written English, within a balanced and exciting curriculum. The focus of all our teaching is to develop pupil’s ability to use language to think, explore, reflect and communicate effectively, enabling every child to achieve their potential and develop their self-esteem.


Children at Broughton Junior School will:

  • Develop their ability to use and understand language effectively as speakers, readers and writers in all subjects across the curriculum
  • Be encouraged to develop a love of reading and to read for enjoyment
  • Develop their ever-growing vocabulary, through an interest in words and their meanings
  • Experience a range of high-quality text/media types and genre, across a range of contexts, to develop their understanding
  • Learn to write in a variety of styles and be able to apply characteristic features of texts to their writing, taking into consideration different purposes and audiences
  • Develop a technical vocabulary with understanding of grammatical terminology
  • Learn how to apply grammatical terminology in their own writing
  • Recognise the close relationship between reading and writing.