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Easter Holiday Wellbeing

Easter Holiday Wellbeing

It is the Easter holidays and the children may have become aware that there has been no school work set, so they may now be thinking that this is the time to do all the fun things they usually do in the holidays? They may start to realise just how the virus is affecting their lives as they are told they cannot do all the fun things they would usually do, including holidays they were supposed to be going on or people they were supposed to be visiting.


I have seen this lovely idea on a Facebook group and thought it could be a wonderful way to transform this ‘missing out’ feeling during the Easter holidays into an exciting future for post-Covid-19 fun!


The idea is that every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat ourselves, see someone we love, visit a new place or invite people to visit us, you should write it down on a piece of paper/post-it note and put it in a jar. When all of this is over, this jar becomes your family bucket list and you can work your way through it, completing all the activities that are in it.


This can also be adapted to become a mind-map/brainstorm of ideas that can be stuck to your wall or fridge either as a family or for each individual family member and then added to as and when you think of something new to do. 


Not only does it distract the feelings of missing out, you will all become more grateful for all the little and lovely things you do and perhaps have taken for grated before. So for now, rather than focus on what you can’t do, watch it fill up with magical moments of things that you can do and look forward to.

The Future Fun Jar!