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99 Club

The 99 Club is a maths activity that aims to secure the understanding of basic number facts and times tables. All questions should rely on mental strategies or by quick mental recall. 


Pupils will have one opportunity a week to complete the level that they are currently on (see document below that outlines the levels and their content). For 11 - 99 club, children are to complete the sheet in 5 minutes or under. Bronze in 4 minutes, Silver in 3.5 minutes, Gold in 3 minutes and Platinum in 2.5 minutes. There is an additional challenge of 'Dizzy Star' questions that should be completed in 2.5 minutes also.


Pupils are free to practise these sheets at home but set homework may be issued if a child becomes particularly stuck on one level. All children start in the 11 Club and progress from there.

99 Club - Overview of Clubs